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he is leaving..

he told me today that he is leaving in three days. i won't see him ever again anymore. what should i do? my heart hurts so much. when he told me that ,i thought i would stop breathing.
what's wrong with me Lord? how did i get myself into it?
it hurts so much.
now i need time to forget him.
why does he go? why did he ever come into my life? why did i meet him Lord? why?
my heart hurts.
he's so sweet, funny and handsome. i will miss his green eyes. i will miss his smile so much. his figure walking through the door. i will miss watching him from aside. i will miss his voice. i won't ever hear him again. won't ever enjoy his laughter.
it's such a sweet feeling i feel about him when he's around. or whenever I'm remembering his name.
it's not a bitter feeling that he doesn't want me back. but it's sweet no matter how it hurts. everything is sweet about him..
i want him to be happy.
but how can i separate my heart from him? how can i forget his face, the sound of his voice. i don't want to forget.
but it will be eventually erased from my mind. i don't want to forget the tenderness i feel. i don't want to forget you.
don't go..


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before we say goodbye..

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