Живя в постоянном общении с Ним посредством постоянной молитвы


a gift from San Francisco

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feel comfortable in us :)

Перчатка от начала до конца сделана по образу руки, чтобы рука свободно входила в неё. Однажды я видел, как кто-то шил перчатку, в которой большой палец был отдельно, а остальные четыре вместе. Что-то в ней было перепутано. Мне эта вещь совсем не понравилась, потому что это была не перчатка, а варежка. В хорошей перчатке должны быть отдельные «пальчики»: один для большого пальца, другой для указательного, третий для среднего, четвёртый для безымянного и пятый для мизинца. Всё должно быть в соответствии с формой руки, чтобы рука легко входила в перчатку. Бог сотворил человека по Своему образу и Своему подобию по той же причине. Бог хотел однажды войти в человека и чувствовать Себя в нём удобно. Бог хочет войти в вас, чтобы облачиться в вас и сделать Себе дом в вас.


James 1:21

Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.





иногда чувствуешь себя не на своём месте. и всё идёт не так. и ты не такой как надо. и хотя вокруг есть люди, на самом деле ты одинок.
и никому нет до тебя дела. никому кроме Господа.
спасибо Господь. с тобой мы никогда не одиноки. а вобщем-то что ещё нужно..

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Oh Lord Jesus You are so REFRESHING!
i want to drink of You!


но Бог, будучи богат милостью, из-за Своей великой любви, которой Он возлюбил нас, даже когда мы были мёртвы в проступках, оживотворил нас вместе с Христом



i just love this pic, don't know why


erase him from the memory



мгновение мысли

так привыкаешь к слову "мазган", что когда тебе говорят - "осторожней с кондиционером", в голову невольно приходит мысль - да я только шампунем вроде голову мою.

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Sakamichi no apollon

как мне нравится это аниме. давно не смотрела что нибудь интересное. с нетерпением жду следующей серии.
очень красивый эндинг. и сами слова песни...
хочется счастья для Сентаро :]

Hata Motohiro-Altair

I was waiting for you on that slope.
Farewell permeates our after-school rendezvous.
As you turned around to my voice calling your name,
I was gazing at you, not even aware of the end of summer.
To me, who back then was weak, strange, and on the verge of breaking,
you gave a pair of humble wings.
As the sun sets in the darkening sky, I search for a faint light.
If only I had been able to tell you that I loved you...
The letter I wrote in the corner of my textbook
never managed to reach its destination.
In my heart, I was still waiting for you.
I was waiting at some point in our restlessly passing days.
Was I the one that had actually changed?
Every face now looked unfamiliar and quickly sank away.
"You can't blame people for being crafty or trying to smooth over their faults."
These whispered words, having lost their destination, suddenly vanished.
The stars, rising out of twilight's darkness,
are gently illuminating my helpless present, just as how you did on that day.
I will not forget.
Even if our long held dream should be blurred or injured by the fickle wind,
we will still hold on to what's precious to us and live through today.
Even though I still feel a dull pain from the shattered glass shard pierced in my bosom,
dazzling light is reflecting off that shard and sparkling in all directions.
I walk on the long slope towards the town that's shrouded in evening's darkness.
Your shards can always be found in this place.
The constellation created by our joined hands
will always be sparkling no matter how far apart the stars become.

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i love Thee Jesus

mlin, kak zhe ya hochu umet igrat na gitare. tolko bi hotya bi odin etot gimn. i mne vpolne hvatilo bi.


looove this song of Once-ler!


gulyat tak gulyat




1 - Who was the last person you texted?-Natasha
2 - When is your birthday?30.08
3 - Who do you want to be with right now? My bed
4 - What sports do you play?none
5 - Who is the first person in your contacts? Tsipurey gan eden
6 - What is your favorite song as of the moment? Dolgaya zima
7 - If you were stranded on an island, who do you wish to be with? My mom
8 - What do you feel right now? tired
9 - What chocolate is your favorite? Milk chocolate
10 - How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have? 1 (yeah…)
11 - Why did you create a Tumblr account? Cause I wanted to have this rebbloging fun too!
12 - Who is your favorite blogger? everybody
13 - Where do you want to be right now?- In the ice cream store
14 - What do you want to be in the future? - myself
15 - When was the last time you cried? Why? Yesterday, cause I don't fit nowhere
16 - Are you happy? I should be
17 - Who do you miss? papi and kobi
18 - If you were given a chance, would you like to have a different life? yes
19 - What was the best thing you were given? His life
20 - Who was the last person who called you? mommy
21 - What is your favorite dish? Bagel & cheese
22 - Who is your bestfriend? Jesus
23 - What is your biggest regret? Waiting for Kobi
24 - Have you ever cheated on your partner? no
25 - Who do you spend crazy moments with? My sister
26 - Name someone pretty. Hello kitty
27 - Who was the last person you hugged? mommy
28 - What kind of music do you listen to? Christian & pop
29 - Are you over your past? I'm on my way
30 - Who is the last person in your contacts? Yossi
31 - What kind of person do you want to date? Someone like Kobi, but a brother
32 - Do you have troubles sleeping at night? Not at all
33 - From whom was the last text message you received? From the mall shop
34 - What do you prefer, jeans or skirt? jeans
35 - How’s your heart? broken
36 - This was a stupid fucking question so I took it out. No one will notice.
37 - Do you like someone as of the moment? Yes but who cares..
38 - What would you want to say to your latest ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend? You fucking said "we'll be together forever"! . Jk. I would say to him-be happy or something
39 - Do you have any phobias? I guess no
40 - Did you try to change for a person? yes
41 - What’s the nicest thing have you given to someone? Don't remember
42 - Would you go back to your previous relationship? NO!
43 - Are you in a good or bad mood? Now I'm fine
44 - Name someone you can’t live without. Jesus
45 - Describe your dream date. I'm walking with kobi hand in hand somewhere, and it's raining/snowing/ sunshine. Then we sit together somewhere. And talk and kiss. Not a crowded place. Is it too much to ask for?!
46 - Describe your dream wedding. Me and him and that's all.
47 - How many roses did you receive last Valentine’s? zero…
48 - Have you ever been kissed? yes
49 - How long is your longest relationship? 6 years
50 - Do you regret your past? yes
51 - Can you do something stupid for someone else? yes
52 - Have you ever cried over someone? Oh yes
53 - Do you have a grudge against anyone? no
54 - Are you a crybaby? yes
55 - Do people praise you for your looks? no
56 - Did you fall for someone you shouldn’t? that's all the story here!
57 - Have you ever done something bad but you don’t regret? yes
58 - Do you like getting hurt? no
59 - Does anyone hate you? I guess
60 - Did you slap anyone whose name starts with an “R”? no, but I slap another letter.
61 - What hair color do you prefer? dark
62 - If you can change anything about yourself, what is it? Communication skills. Which I don't have
63 - Do you love someone as of the moment? yes
64 - Have you ever thought of killing yourself? Yes.
65 - Do you have issues with somebody in your school? Had.
66 - Can you live without internet? I think no.
67 - What’s the song that remind you of your special someone? "Goodbye my lover" and "Beda"
68 - Are you good at holding back your tears? If it is really needed
69 - Are you a crybaby? Yes, still
70 - Have you ever experienced being hysterical? yes
71 - Are you a KPOP fan? A what fan?
72 - Do you study hard? I do not study at all
73 - Have you ever sacrificed something important to you for someone you love? no
74 - Did you ever had a kiss under the moonlight? Yes, but it wasn't so romantic as it should be
75 - Have you ever ridden a boat? yes
76 - Did you have an accident last year? No, thank You Lord
77 - What kind of person are you? useless
78 - Have you ever thought of killing someone? Oh yes
79 - Have you ever been jealous? Oh yes
80 - How can you prove your love to someone? Give them your best
81 - What are you thinking right now? about going to the bathroom
82 - Who is the 6th person in your contacts? Who cares..
83 - Do you have any memories you want to erase? yes
84 - Have you been hurt so bad that you can’t find words to explain how you feel? yes
85 - Did you ever badmouth someone? Yes, my sister
86 - Have you ever had an argument with someone? My sister
87 - Do you have trust issues? yes
88 - Are you broken-hearted? yes
89 - Who’s the person who first comes to your mind when someone mentions “love”? kobi
90 - Do you think all the pain is worth it? It would be
91 - Do you believe in the phrase “If it’s meant to be, it will be”? I live with this phrase now
92 - Who do you want to marry? A brother in Christ
93 - Do you believe in destiny? I believe in plan of God
94 - Have you ever thought “I already found my soulmate”? no
95 - How do you look right now? no comments
96 - Do you believe that first true love never dies? no
97 - Have you found your true love? no
98 - What should you be doing right now? working XD
99 - Name one of your ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends. Who cares..
100 - Did you ever feel like you’re not good enough? All the time.

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You are here

“…When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon you…” - Isaiah 43: 2

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